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BOPET Film/Aluminum PET Film

BOPET Film/Aluminum PET Film
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BOPET Film/Aluminum PET Film - фото 1 BOPET Film/Aluminum PET Film - фото 2 BOPET Film/Aluminum PET Film - фото 3 BOPET Film/Aluminum PET Film - фото 4
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Shan Albert


Kf bopet films are made of polyethylene terephthalate by casting into film and further stretching it into the machine and cross directions.
This film has excellent clarity, good stiffness, smooth surface, good chemical and abrasion resistance. BOPET films are preferred for its easy processing and to achieve good oxygen barrier. BOPET primed films are used to achieve improved adhesions with ink, adhesive, and aluminum metallization.
kf's bopet films special features
1. We can manufacture bopet films with excellent tensile strength which supports various industrial applications such as hot stamping and yarn;
2. We can maintain excellent MD shrinkage (< 1%) at 150, 30 min;
3. We can produce high barrier and high bond metallized films;
4. Optical density can be produced from 0.25 to 4.0;

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