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feed barley в Шанхае

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Feed barley with, protein 10 %
Оптовая цена
от 188 €/т CIF
Сибуглестройинвест, ООО, RU +1 объявление
Specification: Product: Barley forage GOST 28672-90. Weight of the dough, mm: 61,0-65,0 kg / HL; Protein content, min: 10 %; Moisture content, not...
Sunflower Meal High Protein 36% (as is) Non Pelleted, Sunflower Oil Cake, For Animal Feed
226 $/т FOB
Agro Holding, LLC, UA
Dear customers, our company would like to offer you sunflower oil and sunflower meal. We are producing and selling sunflower seed meal and...
Corn for animal feed, protein 8 % - volume from 5 000 - 50 0
Оптовая цена
от 203 €/т CIF
Сибуглестройинвест, ООО, RU +1 объявление
Specification: Seed Moisture 14.0%. Test Weight 67 KG/HLMin. Broken Corn & Foreign Material 4% Max Damaged Kernels – Heat Damage . Aflatoxin (B1,...
Ticab industrial printer
23 000 $/шт FCA
Ticab, ИП, UA
Postmark printheads are an industrial solution that includes 45 x 150cm industrial printheads, conveyor, and an innovative cantilever design that...
Оптовая цена
1.10 - 2.75 $/кг
Belorus Agro Garant, ПТ, BY
We offer ricotto from the largest producer in Eastern Europe of dry ingredients based on whey for the food and feed industry, as well as natural...
Ron oxide Roasted Iron Pyrites or Pyritic Ashes (Iron) HS Code: 26012000 / GAR200124
72 €/т FOB
Garbimeta, UAB, LT
1. Material is excellent pellet feed for blast furnaces ( not suitable for EAF furnace). The Iron oxide is produced in Finland and will be...
1 369 ¥/шт FOB  
опт от 1 370 ¥/шт
Дорощенко Р.С., ИП, RU
Grane from Russia Barley, wheat and other
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