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от 290 $/тонна
Arana Oxana
международный коммерческий агент
на Флагма с 28 мая 2019


- The price of the USED RAIL R50-R60 SCRAP (1.50 METER)
agreed upon is $290 per MT / CIF loaded 40 FT Containers (about 40 x FORTY FEET Containers).
- The Buyer will open 100% DLC at sight payable to 100% against shipping documents with full set of ORIGINAL commercial and shipping documents stipulated

- The Seller shall deliver this quantity of 50 000 MT (50 000 MT ×12) thereafter as per contract.

COMMODITY: Used rail R50-R60 Scrap (1.50 METER)

Used Rails Specification:
R-50: 51.67 Kg/m – GOST-717375 R-65: 64.72 Kg/m – GOST-8165-75 USED RAILS- ISRI CODE: 50-65:
The scrap consists of R50-R65 of Rails as R-50 (51.67
kg/m-GOST-7173-75), R65 (64.72 kg/m-GOST-8165-75), and Length: Fr,
according to INCOTERMS
12.1 The following documents shall be sent by courier to Buyer's bank by seller’s bank within 3 (Three) banking days after departure of the vessel.

12.2 The shipping documents for DLC negotiation shall include of the following.

12.2 . A. 3/3 set of original Shipped on Board Ocean Bill of Lading made out to order and blank endorsed, marked "freight pre-paid" notifying applicant, indicating DL/C number.

12.2. B. Commercial invoice in 2 originals and 3 copies indicating the contract number, DL/C number, name of carrying vessel.

12.2. C. Shipping Advice-The container should be 14 days detention free at the destination port.

12.2. D. Certificate of Quality and Certificate of Weight in 1 original and 3 copies each issued by SGS, indicating DL/C number. Also SGS shall seal container and indicate the seal number in inspection report.

12.2. E. Seller's packing list in 1 original and 3 copies.

12.2. F. Certificate of Origin indicating LC number, In 1 original and 3 copy must be issued by the Chamber of Commerce, .......

12.2. G. Original Weight ticket issue by the Port Authority at Port of loading and verified by SGS.

12.2. H. Insurance policy 110%: In 1 original

Номер объявления: 32871
на Флагма с 28 мая 2019

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Arana Oxana
международный коммерческий агент
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